Sam 1679

Bound High was originally shown at the 1996 E3, but like all of the other Virtual Boy games demonstrated at that event, ended up being cancelled when it was clear that the console's fate was sealed. Since then, the game has become famous with hardcore Virtual Boy fans, with its source code floating around the web and a playable ROM becoming available in 2010.

Now, 16 years after the console was discontinued following abysmal sales, Virtual Boy fans are finally getting to play a proper, physical version of Bound High. The game has been produced by a team of just three people, including Richard Hutchinson - who creates the cartridges using existing Virtual Boy software - and Vince Clemente, who handles the packaging and box design. You can read the whole story over at Wired, and it's a fascinating insight into the mind of a true retro collector.

There's life in that red headache-inducing console yet, it would seem.

Boxes waiting to be assembled
The completed packaging
The final product, complete with promotional flyer for the now-defunct Nintendo Power