Yesterday we reported on Nvidia's announcement of Project Shield, a device that incorporates a conventional home console controller with a high-quality retina display touchscreen, impressive all-round specs and the ability to stream PC games without the need for a meaty broadband connection. Whether it'll shake up the industry and pose a danger to systems like the 3DS is highly debatable, but it's an interesting development that Nintendo will no doubt watch with interest.

Today, meanwhile, a rather surprising piece of news has arrived in the form that Wii title The Conduit looks to be on the way to Nvidia's "Tegra Zone", an app that showcases Android games optimised for the company's graphic processors found in so many smartphone and tablet devices. A reader over on GoNintendo spotted a flash cameo from the title in the hands-on preview video for Project Shield posted by IGN. Naturally we checked this ourselves to make sure that it wasn't a bizarre and unlikely example of PhotoShop shenanigans, but it definitely appears at the 2 minute 12 second mark of the video.

With the technology of graphic processors improving, it's a sign of an evolving industry when a game originally released as an attempt to showcase the Wii and attract an FPS audience to the system becomes a mobile release. The title isn't yet showing on the TegraZone website, so is probably still in development, but it's a quirky cameo nevertheless; we should also remember that we never saw a 3DS entry in The Conduit franchise, as was promised in the handheld's early days.