Could Wii U be getting both Bayonetta titles?

Last year during a Wii U preview video we learnt that Bayonetta, a highly regarded action title released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, was getting a sequel that would be exclusive to Wii U.

Bayonetta 2 is being developed by Platinum Games with the help of Nintendo's producers so it's very unlikely it will appear on other consoles. Of course many a hyperventilating fanboy would bemoan that many Nintendo fans may have never even played the original title, and perhaps they have a point, there will most likely be plenty of Wii U owners who've not had the pleasure of playing the first game at all.

A fan of the series recently asked Hideki Kamiya — a game designer at Platinum Games and Director of upcoming Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 — on Twitter whether or not the developer would consider bringing Bayonetta to the Wii U eShop so that people new to the game could download it and get clued up. Kamiya simply replied that it's not Platinum Games' decision to make:

The original title was published by SEGA, but Platinum Games struggled to find a publisher for the sequel. Executive director Atsushi Inaba revealed last year that Bayonetta 2 would not exist without Nintendo.

Would you like to see Bayonetta made available to download from the Wii U eShop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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