Disney Interactive will be launching its ambitious Disney Infinity title this summer on pretty much every platform you can imagine, including Wii U, Wii and 3DS. The game allows the player to scan real-world toys into the environment and will feature characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Monsters University franchises, to name but a few.

Speaking at a press event attended by VideoGamer, producer John Vignocchi revealed new versions of the game would be released each year. He confirmed that the figures bought for the previous games would still be compatible with the new versions, albeit they won't have a Play Set to go with them.

On the flip-side, Vignocchi also revealed that Disney Infinity would not only be forwards-compatible but also backwards-compatible. There will be an update for the first game that will allow characters from the second game to be used, meaning players can interact with others from Disney Infinity when playing Disney Infinity 2.

The Disney Infinity team will be working alongside film-makers as well, allowing them to gain unprecedented access to the movies in development. This of course means characters from upcoming movies will be made, and will be released with a Play Set as and when new films emerge at the Box Office.

We’re actually directly working with them, so what they’re doing is giving us access to their films as they’re in development, so we’re getting such early access that that is what is allowing us to create these Play Sets where we’re expanding on their content and collaboratively working with these film-makers to create a true transmedia experience.

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