Looking good

The Game Boy Camera was a cool little device. Released at the end of the '90s, it allowed you to take grainy monochrome snaps using your beloved handheld. The images were pretty poor quality and you could only fit a few inside the minuscule memory, but for a generation of kids brought up with film rather than digital cameras, it was a revelation.

Fast forward to 2012, and everyone has a camera on their phone, digital photography is commonplace and the very notion of having a black and white camera that can only snap in 256x224 pixel resolution is laughable, yet there's still some charm to these images - as Reddit user 80sArcade discovered when he found his old Game Boy Color and Game Boy Camera. On the device he found a handful of photos, which he's posted online along with images of the console itself.

Did you have a Game Boy Camera back in the day? If you've still got it, let us know what images you were snapping back in 1998.

[source kotaku.com, via imgur.com]