Careful, it could be hot

Earlier this week there were initial reports in local press that thousands of Wii consoles had been stolen from a distribution warehouse in Seattle, though now the story has spread wider and it's transpired that they were Wii U systems that were seized. If the stock is never retrieved, then it's a loss for Nintendo and its distribution partners (more than likely covered by insurance) of over $2 million — that's based on an assumption that the systems are worth $300 each.

It was certainly daring but also remarkably simple, with reports that the thieves went to the SeaTac's Seattle Air Cargo warehouse during a storm, entered the building and loaded up pallets of the consoles into three rather large vehicles; then they simply drove away. The trucks were also likely to be stolen, as these individuals obviously don't like paying for things.

If you live in the U.S. and encounter any sales on eBay or otherwise of Wii U systems that you suspect may be stolen — for example large quantities may be sold together — then contact the The King County Sheriff's office on 206-296-3311.

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