A typical street scene in 3DS-mad Japan

The recent release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf in Japan has enabled the 3DS to further increase its dominance in that part of the world. According to Media Create, the system shifted 167,408 units during the week of 26th November to 2nd December, bringing its lifetime sales total for Japan to an impressive 8,587,879 consoles.

Contrast those figures to Sony's struggling PlayStation Vita, which only managed to sell 11,066 units during the same time period - 4,875 less than the PlayStation Portable, its predecessor, which shifted 15,941 consoles.

In fact, the 3DS was so successful that even if you added up all the other consoles sold during that week, the 3DS would beat the total figure more than 2.5 times over.

Here's the hardware chart in full (numbers in brackets are lifetime figures):

Nintendo 3DS – 167,408 (8,587,879)
PlayStation 3 – 29,809 (8,679,266)
PSP – 15,941 (19,468,599)
PlayStation Vita – 11,066 (1,063,582)
Nintendo Wii – 5,550 (12,601,986)
Xbox 360 – 1,217 (1,607,183)
PlayStation 2 – 812 (21,828,208)
Nintendo DS – 457 (32,875,045)

[source nintendo-gamer.net, via neogaf.com]