Make some games

Not too long ago Circle Entertainment brought Bookstore Dream to DSiWare, a thoroughly decent resource management sim that drew inspiration from similar titles available on smartphones. In that case it was all about managing stock and attracting customers, but the developer has announced a new entry in the series, Publisher Dream.

It's not the same theme from the book publisher's perspective, but is actually all about developing, publishing and licensing games. This time around you run a company called "Triangle" that publishes games on the "cShop" — you can see where it's going — so the focus is on establishing development projects and setting up the best possible working environment. You'll be able to develop up to four games at the same time, publish games from smaller studios and make staff happy by adopting a cat. Fans of indie games on DSiWare may also get a kick from some other developers making a cameo as employable staff: these will include Keith (Tanukii studio), Peter (Moragami), Seigai (Flyhigh work), Chris (CIRCLE) and Hugo (Goodbye Galaxy games).

It's another venture into territory explored in a high profile Android/iOS release, but may be fun in its own right. Does this concept appeal to you?