Unlike most readers at Nintendo Life, not everyone who buys a Wii U will know everything about it before they've even opened the box.

Hardware launches such as this are a great time for companies to attract new users, with that in mind Nintendo has released a series of handy videos to get you started as you embark upon your exciting Wii U voyage.

Wii U - How to Connect Your Wii U Console to the Internet

Wii U - The Wii U Internet Browser

Wii U - How to Use Miiverse

Wii U - How to Use Wii U Chat

Wii U - Nintendo eShop

Wii U - Searching Nintendo eShop

Wii U - How to Add Funds

Wii U - How to Purchase and Download Content

Wii U - How to Redeem a Download Code

What, you've watched them all? Don't you feel clever!

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