He's mocking you

Capcom's Ghosts 'n Goblins hits the North American 3DS eShop this week, and it's sure to have many gamers throwing their consoles at walls in disgust - not because it's a bad game (far from it) but because it's harder than Arnold Schwarzenegger in a suit of titanium armour.

So legendary is this game's toughness that Capcom Unity offered a prize (some cool Capcom-themed shotglasses) to anyone who beat the game before Halloween.

Here's what it said:

As you likely know, GnG is not a forgiving series, and I'd wager the NES version is one of the hardest out there. I can handle Genesis Ghouls 'n Ghosts, and hold my own in Super GnG, but hoo boy the NES one really whips me. And so... if you can beat the 3DS one, I'll send the first person who can post visual evidence these awesome Capcom shotglasses!

Here's the deal - take a picture of you and the 3DS with the ending screen clearly visible. Now, I mean the real ending, from the second playthrough! First person to post that image in the comments below, gets the shotglasses! (NA only, postage and rules etc :/)

You have from now until Halloween to save Princess Prin Prin!

And here's the prize, just to show you what was on offer:

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Despite being a pretty difficult challenge, it seems as if the prize — and an extra set that was found — was already won by a ninja gamer with no shortage of free time. When there's a set of drinking glasses on the table, it seems gamers don't hang around.

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