Smartphone-based clones of popular games are everywhere these days, but this latest effort really is unashamedly blatant.

Super Maria Land - which proudly proclaims itself as a 'Mario Clone' on its official Google Play store listing is a port of a web-based Flash title for Google's popular Android platform. It's clearly a rip-off of Nintendo's SNES classic Super Mario World, and uses very similar graphics.

To quote the official description:

By popular demand Super Maria Land Flash version has been ported for android. Now you can play even when you are in the subways or simply play Super Maria Land the Free Super Mario Clone in your couch.

People are already calling for the game to be removed from the Google Play store, but unlike iOS, Android isn't all that well policed, so there's a chance that this could remain available for quite some time.

Will you be giving this clone a spin, or are you keen to see this kind of shameless plagiarism removed from smartphones? Let us know by posting a comment below.

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