Download delightment

Today's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation was packed full of cool new information, but one item that will prove especially interesting for hardcore Wii downloaders is the news that digital Wii purchases will be transferable to the Wii U.

That means you'll be able to re-download all of your existing WiiWare and Virtual Console purchases to your shiny new system - although quite how you'll tell your new console that you bought them in the first place is another matter.

Perhaps some kind of system transfer will be required, as is the case when moving content from one 3DS console to another? Or perhaps - and we really hope this is true - Nintendo will allow you to tie your Wii downloads to a new Wii U user profile. We know that Wii U is bringing in such accounts, and it's quite possible that they could extend this service to the Wii.

A long shot, but one that would make a lot of sense.