Buy memory, and make this man happy

Amongst all of the details about the Wii U hardware, one potentially surprising aspect was the relatively small amount of internal storage space. With 32GB in the Premium model and just 8GB in the Basic white system, it won't take long to run out of memory if you fill up on tasty HD download treats.

We expected that it'd be easy to expand memory, perhaps through SD cards, but those who want to expand their space in a big way can also do so with any USB memory stick or hard drive. Speaking to Engadget at a post-press conference investor Q&A, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime explained the thinking behind the memory offered, and the ease with which it can be increased.

You can plug in a full-on three terabyte hard drive if you want. I'll love you as a digital consumer.

The reason we did it that way is that the cost of that type of storage memory is plummeting. What we didn't want to do is tie a profit model to something that's gonna rapidly decline over time. We'll let the consumer buy as much as they want, as cheaply as they want.

So there you have it. Buy yourself an inexpensive hard drive and Reggie will love you: space for download games shouldn't be a problem.