There's still hope

At the 3DS XL's launch, North America and Europe received the Red/Black and Blue/Black models of the new handheld; the UK also had the opportunity to grab a Silver/Black model. However, it was only in Japan that consumers were able to buy the 'White 3DS LL'.

IGN's Richard George asked Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime, why Nintendo had decided to exclude the North American market from the white and silver versions of the console. Fils-Aime explained that previous iterations of silver and white consoles, such as the GBA, DS and DSi, had not sold well in the North American market, causing the product to be limited to a Japan-only release. However it looks as though there may be a white light at the end of the tunnel;

You might see a limited-time offer with a white or silver 3DS XL, or we might colorize it slightly differently. But in terms of an ongoing SKU, the consumer has responded in our marketplace and said that, for a handheld gaming device from Nintendo, that kind of white or silver doesn't sell nearly as well as blue or red or even pink.

So, would you want a silver or white 3DS XL if it was available in North America?