Gunpei Yokoi was one of Nintendo's original star employees. His inventions made the company millions, with the Game & Watch series kick-starting a period of portable dominance for the firm which was cemented further by the launch of the insanely successful Game Boy - possibly Yokoi's most enduring legacy.

Sadly, Yokoi was killed in a traffic accident fifteen years ago at the age of 56. By this time, he had left Nintendo following the catastrophic commercial performance of his Virtual Boy console. September 10th 2012 marks what would have been Yokoi's 71st birthday, a day he was sadly never destined to see.

Whatever you're up to today, make sure you take a moment to remember just how huge a difference Yokoi's creations have made to your life - even if you're too young to remember the original Game Boy, all of the new handhelds you've played in your lifetime have been influenced by him in some way - and acknowledge his amazing contribution to the modern video game industry.

Thanks go to Pocket Gamer for reminding us of this event.