He's after your gold coins, Reggie

We all know that Nintendo of America is hosting its big Wii U event tomorrow in New York, with Europe and Japan each weighing in with Nintendo Direct broadcasts as well. We thought it'd be worth giving you all of the important details in one place, so that you won't miss a thing.

To make sure you see the action there'll be three options to watch the event: the official Wii U web page, on YouTube and also on the Wii U Facebook page. It all happens at 10am Eastern US, 9am Central US, 7am Pacific US, 3pm British time and 4pm central European time.

Depending on your region, don't forget to check out details of the Nintendo of Europe and Japanese Nintendo Direct events, with the European video taking place at the same time as the New York event, while the Japanese equivalent is seven hours earlier. We'll be covering all three events extensively here on Nintendo Life.

Finally, you can check out the NoA announcement video below, in which Reggie Fils-Aime speaks to rather large Mario and Luigi characters while keeping a straight face.

[source nintendo.com, via youtube.com, facebook.com]