As mad as it looks?

It's time for another Nintendo Download update, and we reckon that no-one should be able to complain of a lack of variety. We have two new 3DS eShop titles, a stone-cold Super NES classic on Wii Virtual Console and a wacky sounding DSiWare title. Check out the details below.

3DS eShop

Balloon Pop Remix (UFO Interactive, $7.99) — We've previously sampled the delights of popping balloons in the thoroughly decent WiiWare title Balloon Pop Festival, and now the series arrives with a few twists on the eShop. This version involves drawing lines with the stylus to pop balloons and earn combos, with various modes promised including a story mode, over 100 stages in puzzle mode, with endless play and mini-game options thrown into the mix. We'll see whether the it all adds up to good value in our upcoming review.

Heyawake by Nikoli (HAMSTER, $7.99) — The Nikoli series of puzzle games is becoming an ever-present on the 3DS eShop, and another new style has been added to the list. The task is to fill in spaces on a board, which is split into "rooms", while adhering to a series of rules that'll make your brain work. There are 50 set stages to clear, as well as a random mode that will auto-generate new levels. We'll wrap our heads around it and bring you a review soon.


Crazy Hunter (EnjoyUp Games, $4.99/500 DSi Points) — Crazy Hunter is the latest from EnjoyUp, and your task is to retrieve golden eggs from hens in the clouds. How do you do this? By using a speedboat to knock goats off their candy-made platforms, retrieve them from the water and then use them to build a tower. Crazy is the word, and our review will arrive soon to let you know whether this madness is fun, or too bonkers to play.

Wii Virtual Console

Prince of Persia (Ubisoft, 800 Wii Points) — This popular Super NES title arrived in Europe back in January, and now it's North America's turn to dive into the adventure. It's an action platformer that will make you jump and manoeuvre your way through some tricky stages while engaging in some swordplay against varied enemies. This version has some content that wasn't on other platforms back in the day, and we gave it a particularly strong recommendation in our Prince of Persia review.

Nintendo Video

The Black Keys "Little Black Submarines" — This week Nintendo Video premieres The Black Keys’ 3D video for their hit song “Little Black Submarines”. Filmed during a secret show in Nashville, the video intimately captures the raw energy this band generates on stage.

A bit of a mixture of genres and styles going on this week. Let us know what you're planning to download, if anything, in the comments section and the poll below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (195 votes)

  1. Balloon Pop Remix (eShop)4%
  2. Heyawake by Nikoli (eShop)1%
  3. Crazy Hunter (DSiWare)2%
  4. Prince of Persia (Wii Virtual Console - SNES)14%
  5. Nothing for me this week80%

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