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  • US 12th Jul 2010, 800 points
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  • Review Balloon Pop Festival (WiiWare)

    Good enough to pop open your wallet?

    With the increasing number of puzzle games furiously leaping to Nintendo’s online stores, it makes for a pretty fascinating battle for supremacy. The latest to make the jump is Balloon Pop Festival, an interesting combination of Bejewled and Puyo Puyo with a family friendly presentation and enjoyable gameplay...

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About The Game

Kick off the holidays with Balloon Pop Festival and let the festivities begin!

The Balloon Bandit is back to his old tricks and has stolen the festivals of Earth! Stop him from crashing the party and bring back the joy of the holidays, one festival at a time. This simple and engaging match 3 puzzler is a fun, wholesome experience for the entire family!


  • Art Style and Appeal– With cute, appealing graphics for everyone, this charming match 3 title oozes charm and fun as you explore the different holidays spread throughout the year. Everything from Valentine’s Day to Talk Like A Pirate Day is included with beautiful themed animations that will surely leave you smiling!
  • Casual Play – Have a relaxing time playing through Story or Endless Mode, or try your hand at solving brain-teasers in Puzzle Mode!
  • Play Against Your Friends – If you have a penchant for competition, there are 3 multiplayer modes that will test your reaction, puzzle solving and match 3 combo skills. Let the competition begin!