Vive la France

With many within the industry predicting a tough time for Nintendo and its Wii U system, leading tech company IDG has bravely stated that it thinks the console will enjoy a comfortable lead over its next-gen rivals by the time 2014 rolls around.

The predictions were made by a panel of IDG experts for a French magazine, and are as follows:

2014 consoles sales forecast:

1. Wii U: 1,020,000
2. PS4 and Xbox 3: 480,000

2014 software sales forecast:

1. Wii U: 5,900,000
2. Xbox 3: 1,890,000
3. PS4: 1,380,000

It's worth bearing in mind that by 2014 the Wii U will have been on the market for considerably longer than the (as yet still unannounced) next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles. But even so, saying that Nintendo will have a larger share than both Sony and Microsoft combined is a bullish prediction, and one we hope will come true.

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