Could everyone's favourite dino hunter make a Virtual Console return?

Former Acclaim and Iguana Entertainment designer Ryan Tracy wants to see the four N64 Turok games made available on the Virtual Console, but admits that the thorny issue of IP ownership could mean that his desire never comes to pass.

Speaking to, Tracy also elaborates on the development of the N64 Turok titles, and admits that Turok 2's multiplayer mode was influenced by the success of Rare's Goldeneye 007. He also states that the 4MB RAM cart was "the greatest thing to happen to the N64" as it gave developers so much more power.

We popped those babies into the dev kits and away we went. This allowed a better variety of objects on the screen. We could make it chug too and had to pull back what we really wanted to push on the screen. This really helped with particles as well as Turok 2 used more of them than Turok 1.

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