Aiming for a legendary routine

The Legend of Zelda franchise may not have the same raw selling power reserved almost exclusively for Mario, but it still has a significant and passionate worldwide fanbase. One of the defining and iconic parts of the series is its music, and it seems that a Mexican gymnast called Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas is a fan, as she used a Zelda medley for her gymnastics qualification routine at the Olympics.

This isn't the first appearance of Nintendo at the Games, either, with many spotting a cameo for 3DS during the opening ceremony, with a young boy playing the system during a segment intro; we can only assume that Nintendo sponsored the ceremony, or director Danny Boyle just happens to be a fan. In terms of this gymnastics appearance, meanwhile, the arrangement features a few of the best-loved melodies from the series, and this specific recording was from violinist Lindsey Stirling.

As the IOC (International Olympic Committee) is extremely precious about its footage of the Games, we'll instead bring you the full medley from Lindsey Stirling, below.