It's Sunday, a day of rest and laziness for so many, but perhaps this one has a slightly different meaning for some keen 3DS gamers in North America: it's 3DS XL day. Oh, and New Super Mario Bros. 2 day, as well.

3DS XL graced Europe and Japan in late July, with the North American release seemingly being held back and timed to match Mario's latest outing. Just like for many others who've either bought an XL or resisted its charms elsewhere, the question is "should I upgrade, or stick with what I've got"? Maybe there are others that haven't taken the plunge on a 3DS so far, and a glimpse of those lovely screens will prove a temptation too far.

Well, if you're wondering whether to pop out to the shops and pick up the super-sized handheld, maybe our 3DS XL hardware review will help, and if you've got a system and need to move all of your data from an old model, our 3DS XL system transfer guide should do the trick.

Of course, maybe the XL isn't for you, but any old 3DS will play Mario's latest adventure, also arriving in North America today; our New Super Mario Bros. 2 review will tell you all about it.

So, are you spending any hard earned cash on Nintendo goodies today?