Harvest MOOOOn? No?

Today Natsume Inc. has announced that a 15th Anniversary Edition of the upcoming 3DS title, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning, will be heading to North America on 6th November.

We recently reported that those who pre-order the normal version of the game through GameStop or Natsume's online store will receive a cute Yak plushie bundled with their game. However, those who decide to grab the Anniversary Edition from Natsume's online shop will instead be rewarded with a rather sweet twelve-inch cuddly cow at which to gaze lovingly.

President and CEO of Natsume, Hiro Maekawa stated the following:

Fans have been anticipating an official release date for Harvest Moon: A New Beginning since it was announced in May. As a treat to our fans, new and old, we have a remarkable 15th Anniversary Edition with a never-before-seen plushie to go with it!

The 15th Anniversary Edition is currently advertised at $49.99, whereas the Yak version is listed at $39.99. You can pre-order from 24th September onwards, so choose your new plushie wisely. Let's face it, though, the cow is cuter.

[source nintendo-insider.com, via natsume.com]