Super Mario 3D Land may not have tested series veterans in its early worlds, but by the time we got to the later levels — the real later levels — various members of the Nintendo Life team were faced with the temptation of White Raccoon Suit Mario. Dying five times in the same area made this power up appear, and Mario would become an indestructible force capable of conquering any stage without fear of death. The downside is that the achievement stars on your profile stop sparkling, so if you want to avoid that terrible fate you need to avoid too many untimely deaths.

It's been confirmed by Famitsu (via Andriasang), that this special Mario will be available to guide gamers through the toughest levels in New Super Mario Bros. 2, meaning that any player, with enough patience, should be able to progress fully through the game. We're sure you'll agree that it's a fetching outfit, and by the end of August quite a few of us will have seen it in action.