When it comes to New Super Mario Bros. 2, you'd have to live in a deep, dark cave to not know about it. Trailers and videos swarm the web and its status as the first retail download being offered by Nintendo has given it even more profile. Still, that won't stop Nintendo of America doing some additional marketing and promotions, because why not?

As a continuation of the 'game of the weekend' 3DS eShop campaigns of recent weeks — with Nintendo entering the world of digital discounts — the company is going one step further with four Mario-themed Virtual Console reductions. Each of the following titles will be on sale for one week periods, with the final game actually being discounted for the second time.

26th July to 1st August — Super Mario Bros. — $3.99
2nd August to 8th August — Super Mario Land — $2.99
9th August to 15th August — Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins — $2.99
16th August to 22nd August — Mario's Picross — $2.99

Are you planning to pick any of these up as practice for the new game?