The upcoming 3DS XL packaging in Europe may say in big letters that an AC adapter is not included in the box, but that won't stop complaints on the internet and a few confused customers. It was a decision taken, apparently, to make the console more affordable, with adapters and cradles available to buy separately: some will be unhappy, though, at the idea of paying extra for the privilege of charging their shiny new handheld.

Japanese 3DS XL/LL buyers face the same predicament but, as reported by Andriasang, the AC adapter is having a price-cut from ¥1,500 to ¥1,000, potentially to ease the complaints of 3DS LL buyers. If you're planning on an XL purchase in Europe, it'll be interesting to see whether pricing is generous on the extras.

At the time of writing Amazon UK is taking pre-orders on a power adapter (no cradle) for £6.99, release date 28th July, while is optimistically pricing the AC adapter and cradle at £4.99, but it's listed as 'out of stock' so that pre-orders can't be placed. It'll be a waiting game to see what kind of price retailers settle on for these chargers and cradles.

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