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The arrival of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will herald the dawning of a new downloadable retail age for Nintendo, with gamers having the option of buying direct from the eShop or as download codes from retailers: old-fashioned physical copies are still an option, of course. For those carefully managing their SD card space, however, the question remains whether the game will be one mushroom power-up too big for their remaining memory: the answer is, probably not.

Courtesy of, it's been confirmed that the initial download (excluding save data) of New Super Mario Bros. 2 will require 2950 blocks, which is about 370MB: just over one sixth of the 2GB card included with the standard 3DS model. It's not enormous, by any stretch, especially as Resident Evil Revelations is reportedly around 3.17GB, around twice the size of Kid Icarus: Uprising at 1.61GB — the majority of 3DS titles seem sit at around 0.5GB or less. In fact it's easy to see why NSMB2 represents Nintendo's first dalliance with a 3DS retail download, as it's at the lower end of the file size scale. For those interested, Demon Training is also due in Japan this week, and it's only an initial 1600 blocks, around 200MB.

What do you think of that file size? Do you have space on your SD card, or do you think you need to upgrade to a higher capacity?

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