The official website for Level-5 / Brownie Brown RPG Fantasy Life has finally burst into existence.

The website can be found here. It's all in Japanese, but if you pop over there you can at least see some new screens and artwork that show off the town and avatar system.

Much of the information was also published in Japanese magazine Famitsu, as translated by Andriasang. You'll be able to choose from several professions and live out your life in a way that befits. For example, if you join the army you'll hang out with soldiers; an artist's life will revolve the town's studio. You can also choose to be a tailor, a miner, chef or many more. Fighting isn't essential in Fantasy Life; it's all about discovering your own way to play.

You'll have your own room to build up and fill with junk, and in the main town you can frequent a castle, market, fortune teller's house and several other places. There's a day and night cycle too, with different things unlocking and new people milling about depending on the hour.

A release date for Fantasy Life should be announced in next week's Famitsu. Until then, here's the super-cute trailer from last year.

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