The console wars are long since over for Nintendo 64, the curvy chunk that heralded the end of the cartridge era and fought heroically before succumbing to its rivals. If that particular console war was ever re-imagined, however, then there seems to be one gamer that could ride into battle with Epona: King Nintendo 64, of course.

To give you some context, this past weekend was the Otakon convention in Baltimore, USA, a celebration of anime, manga and Asian culture as a whole. Like many conventions, some attendees decided that cosplay was the way to go, and King Nintendo 64 therefore ascended to the throne. Before becoming retro royalty the king was known as Gary from Philadelphia, and he said that it took him a month to produce the outfit.

There are plenty of games and at least three consoles making up a sword, suit of armour and shield; courtesy of coloured cartridges you may even be able to figure out what some of those games are. It may not be the most elegant of outfits, but it certainly shows how much this man loves his N64.