Go on, do the maths.

Panini and Nintendo want to fuel your thirst for all things Pit with a big collection of collectible cards for Kid Icarus: Uprising.

UK fans can pick up a Starter Pack, including a binder and three card packs, for £5.99. Individual packs of cards will set you back £1.50 each. With 404 cards to collect it's probably best not to do the maths of how much you'll spend to complete your set.

If you haven't got the game yet, make sure you read our Kid Icarus: Uprising review then rush out to buy the game and cards, officially out now at all good retailers.

KID ICARUS UPRISING Trading Card Game by Panini

Panini are proud to announce the launch of their awesome new trading card game; Kid Icarus Uprising. Over 40 million people in Europe have played the Nintendo Game and over 100,000 games have already been sold, making it one of the most popular games out in the market today. There are 1.4 million members on Club Nintendo and 12,000 Kid Icarus card packets sold out on the Club Nintendo site in just one day!

Kid Icarus Uprising follows the angelic protagonist, Pit, as he battles against the forces of a reborn Medusa who seeks to destroy mankind. With the help of Palutena, the Goddess of Light, Pit gains the "Power of Flight" to travel the skies and fight the Underworld Army. Panini’s fantastic new Kid Icarus trading card game draws on the action and intrigue of Pit’s journey and includes amazing imagery, all of your favorite Kid Icarus characters and special cards.

There are 404 cards to collect which include special codes. Collectors can kick start their collection with a starter pack that includes a binder and 3 trading card packets.

Starter Pack: £5.99
Trading Card Packet: £1.50

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