Recently we told you all about the updates and improvements to Pokémon Global Link, such as a new Global Trade Station or the Icy Cave area, for just two examples. Now, courtesy of our friends at, you can get yourself a special version of one of the original 'mon.

The special creature that you can claim is Porygon, which comes with the Hidden Ability Analytic and the moves Tackle, Conversion, Sharpen, and Psybeam. To get this cute character, simply login to Pokémon Global Link, select Promotions and then the third entry in the list, 'A Porygon for Your Party!'. On the next screen enter the code PORYEUROGAMERNET, and the little critter will be yours. If you have your copy of Pokémon Black and White set up with your account, the 'mon will appear next time you use Game Sync.

That's it, so dig out that game card and catch Porygon.