A disappointing response
Image: Nintendo of America / Vince Bucci

Nintendo's E3 press conference prompted a mixed reaction from the attendees and viewers around the internet, with the Wii U-focused presentation apparently failing to gain widespread support and praise. That same reaction has been reflected in the Japanese stock market since it opened today, with the company's shares falling: at the time of writing they have fallen around 2.68 percent.

Falling share prices are a hazard of the business that Nintendo knows well; it experienced similar issues after previous E3 press conferences, in addition to dropping shareholder confidence after recent financial issues. The fall in share value could be attributed to a number of issues, with the announced launch titles — particularly those that are first-party — perhaps failing to grab the imagination as expected.

It's disappointing news for Nintendo, but as we've seen with its efforts in improving the fortunes of 3DS, you should never write it off.

[source mcvuk.com]