This week sees the start of Wimbledon, and with Mario Tennis Open only a month old Nintendo's combined the two in infographic format.

The official series history starts from 3D sports game Mario's Tennis and ends with... 3D sports game Mario Tennis Open. Weird.

It's a bit confusing, though: it mentions Mario Tennis in 2004, presumably meaning Mario Power Tennis, and notes it was re-released on Wii as New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis. It also says Mario Tennis Open is the series' return after a 7-year wait; impressive time-bending skills, as Mario Power Tennis launched on Wii in 2009.

See if you can pick up on any other inaccuracies while chowing down on your strawberries and cream.

Mario Tennis Infographic FINAL

Nintendo Champions the History of Mario Tennis

To celebrate the start of Wimbledon, the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Nintendo has released a special Mario Tennis Open infographic which showcases the great history of Mario Tennis titles released since the first game in 1995.

Nintendo has delivered action-packed tennis fun since Mario’s Tennis first appeared on the Virtual Boy handheld in 1995. Each new game across the Nintendo 64, Game Boy Colour, GameCube and Game Boy Advance brings more excitement and features, increasing the number of playable characters, mini-games, multiplayer modes and colourful graphics.

The latest in the popular 17-year series, Mario Tennis Open launched on 25th May on Nintendo 3DS and brings together the best elements from the franchise in a champion game! It is the first Mario Tennis title to feature online play and has amazing 3D graphics, without the need for special glasses. Players can choose to compete as their favourite Mario character or as their own Mii and can customize their skills by dressing in different tennis gear. There are also quirky mini-games where tennis is used to complete a level from Super Mario Bros. (NES) and players are challenged with obscured vision thanks to three Ink Flowers.