In recent weeks we've brought you some coverage about Farsight Studios running a Kickstarter campaign to license The Twilight Zone, one of the highest-regarded pinball tables in the business. We also learned, thanks to that campaign, that the developer will be bringing The Pinball Arcade to Wii U and 3DS, which is a positive for fans of digitised play.

We've since had an interview with company President, Jay Obernolte, about the fundraising campaign and the developer's plans for Nintendo systems. In that interview Obernolte shared his views on Wii U and what the company's seen so far, and he's optimistic for the system.

Yes, we’re hard at work on bringing our Pinball Arcade product to the Wii U. We’re using the GamePad to show the table DMD display (so it doesn’t obscure the table like it does on other platforms) — it’s really cool!

...In particular we’re really excited about the Wii U. The original Wii was FarSight’s most successful platform ever, and we think Nintendo potentially has another hit on its hands.

Check back later today to read the full, in depth interview.