Diamond Trust of London — sorry, Jason Rohrer with Music by Tom Bailey: Diamond Trust of London — passed Nintendo's approval process recently and now sits on the verge of release. Before it gets there, though, there's the small matter of money, and that's where crowdfunding site Kickstarter comes in.

Citing Nintendo's "large manufacturing minimum", Rohrer is inviting backers to pledge a minimum of $5 towards an ultimate goal of $78,715 to get the project off the ground. $5 gets you a photocopied memo and $35 gets you a copy of the game upon release, but the rewards for a top-level pledge of $10,000 sounds most exciting:

A hand-crafted Diamond Trust of London mega archive box containing a huge collection of artifacts that is yet even more f************g than what is in the previous reward, PLUS special funding credit on the back of the box, PLUS two boxed copies of the limited edition, AND one of your copies will have a super-low sequence number (in the range #2 to #5). AND all of it HAND DELIVERED to you in your town anywhere in the world by masterminds Jason Rohrer and Tom Bailey. You will get an anonymous letter telling you to go to a particular pay phone at a particular time and await further instructions...

$10,000 to get these two at your door? That's got to be worth it. Head over and donate if you want to get involved.

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