It sure does

One thing that you may think about occasionally is that, unlike characters in video games, movies and TV shows, we don't have a music soundtrack following us through our daily lives. Animal Crossing on GameCube, meanwhile, followed the same clock as us and its characters had an active soundtrack for every hour of the day.

Courtesy of a comic artist/programmer Brian Lee, you can now have the original Animal Crossing soundtrack accompanying you through your day as long as you have a web browser open. He's created a website that uses your computer's internal clock to play the relevant game music for that time of day, basically by looping the relevant YouTube videos. At the turn of each hour it'll update, so that you can hear every track if you stay up all hours. In addition, if you click the rather small 'ww/cf' button at the bottom left of the screen it'll play music from Wii and DS entries City Folk/Wild World.

Check it out here: we'll be trying it in Nintendo Life Towers, will you give it a go?