You're right to look happy, Asha

It may have taken years to get here, but Monster World IV walks away with the coveted Game of the Month award for May 2012.

Monster World IV's release is significant for a number of reasons. It's the first time the game's been officially available in English, having originally released in Japan way back in 1994. We've had import games on Virtual Console before of course, but this is the first one to be fully translated.

Not only that, Wii owners were the first to play it — MWIV launched on 10th May in Europe and North America, nearly two weeks before Xbox and PS3 owners. When does that ever happen?

It's also significant because it's a great game: charming, well-written and graphically gorgeous, it's a true 16-bit gem. It might be easier than its stablemates, but it's no less enjoyable for it.

Monster World IV's one of the best ways to spend 900 Points on Wii, and was truly worth the wait, all 18 years of it.

An honourable mention must go to Mario Tennis Open, which is some of the most fun you can have playing with other 3DS owners.