Going for goal again

It's another year, so that means another FIFA game from EA Sports, an annual tradition that's never missed. The developer recently hosted a big reveal of features that will be new to this year's entry: Complete Dribbling will allow greater skill on the ball, First Touch Control will make the initial touch from a player more spontaneous and influenced by attributes, while Attacking Intelligence will apparently ensure that AI players will improve their movement when trying to score.

While new features like these are part of the tradition, EA Sports did also confirm that the title is in development for Wii U, though it wasn't willing to say any more. With EA potentially a key supporter of Wii U it could be that the Wii U version is being saved for E3, while the tablet controller could be a key part to various dual-screen control possibilities.

On the subject of dual-screen controls, FIFA 13 will also be released on 3DS as well as Wii.

[source eurogamer.net]