Plenty of these sold in Japan

Monster Hunter 3 G has been, as expected, a success since its Japanese release in late 2011, surpassing 1.5 million sales. We've been waiting for news of a confirmed worldwide release, but have only had rumours and speculation in place of formal announcements. Some on the ground in Japan seem to doubt that the release will come at all.

David Gibson, Head of Software & Services for Macquarie Capital Securities Japan, has shared an opinion, supposedly based on word from Capcom, that we may miss out on the title: he tweeted that "capcom keep saying its unlikely as audience not there based on the wii game".

In our experience Monster Hunter Tri on Wii had a loyal online group of gamers for a fairly long period, with respectable sales by most standards. Perhaps Capcom will hold off and release Monster Hunter 4 worldwide, or Gibson may be entirely wrong. Time will tell, but hopefully we won't completely miss out on some handheld hunting.