When we spoke to Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games at PAX East about the prospect of BIT.TRIP Presents RUNNER 2 making its way to Nintendo's shiny new HD console, the answer was optimistic but cagey: yes, they have a Wii U development kit, no, they have no set plans.

It appears that Gaijin is publicly warming up to said plans, as a tweet from CommanderVideo himself is asking for fans to email them with "radical ideas for Wii U features."

Got a burning desire for a first-person view on the tablet screen? X-ray vision? Maybe a touchscreen level editor? Blast off your suggestions or voice your support to wiiu@gaijingames.com and maybe they'll come true. Maybe a Wii U version at all will come true.

We can only hope that this open invitation for fan input doesn't devolve into the complete crash and burn of RUNNER 2 and future CommanderVideo projects.

Ouch. Too soon?