Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started on WiiWare, but the studio's next game, BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2, is for HD consoles only. But wait — Wii U is a HD console, right? Yes it is, so we tracked down Gaijin's Alex Neuse and Mike Roush at PAX East to question them.

Our editor-at-large and t-shirt-hander-outer Jon Wahlgren quizzed the pair on the chance of CommanderVideo coming to Wii U:

Jon: With a pushed release date to October or November and the Wii U releasing around then too, does that mean that you’ll try to finagle your way on there?
Alex Neuse: (Smiles) I wonder. I wonder if that means that. Let me put it this way: we have a Wii U dev kit, and our game is coming out around the time that system launches, so that would be pretty cool.

With Neuse still working on his poker face, Jon followed up:

What excites you about the Wii U controller?

AN: I have to think of it in terms of Runner2 now — thinking about it broadly would be too much — but if we were to do a Wii U version, what if you could have a pick-up in the game that reveals hidden bonuses and stuff that you can’t see on your screen but have to hold the controller up? You’re still playing but it’s sort of like an X-ray vision.

If you want to know more about Runner2, our sister site Push Square has a Gaijin Games interview all about Runner2.