Tatsumaki senpuukyaku!

The first scans of Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA collaboration Project X Zone (pronounced "Project Cross Zone") emerged yesterday, but now we have crisp, clear stills of the game in action.

The shots show the strategy RPG's combat team-ups: Mega Man and Zero, Ryu and Ken, Demitri and Dante, Akira and Pai and more are all in action. What's equally interesting is the choice of opponent: Akira and Pai take on Virtua Fighter boss character Dural on a very VF-style stage, while Ken and Ryu throw double hadoukens at Resident Evil's Tyrant. Other screenshots are awash with characters: Harrier (from Space Harrier, of course), Fantasy Zone's Opa Opa, Ulala and a Morolian all pop up in other stills.

The official site proclaims a "grand open" on 17th April, so expect much more then.

[source famitsu.com]