Nintendo is sticking to its plan of putting full retail games on its digital storefronts, but hasn't given any further information of when the switch might occur.

The company just posted its first ever annual loss and is keen to convince investors it can move with the times, stressing the importance of its digital functions for 3DS and Wii U.

A company statement reads:

Moreover, Nintendo will push forward with "Nintendo Network", which is the network service for the "Nintendo 3DS" and the "Wii U", and offers game experiences, which enable users to compete and interact with others all over the world, and provide add-on content by utilizing its network functions.

Furthermore, for the purposes of adapting to the changes in the environment surrounding the video game market and creating new business opportunities, Nintendo is envisioning the digital distribution of packaged software and is aiming at expanding the business.

The financial results are always followed by an investor question and answer session — expect digital growth to be near the top of subjects discussed, so hopefully we'll hear more soon.