Did he say something funny?

Fire Emblem Kakusei, or Awakening as it'll be known outside of Japan, is starting to power up the hype generator. Within the latest batch of details revealed to the Japanese press is information about how StreetPass and SpotPass will be used, with some interesting results.

As reported by Andriasang, there will be local co-op battles, with each player selecting a team of three fighters: no talk of online co-op at this stage. StreetPass functionality, meanwhile, will allow you to create a custom unit to share with others, while units that you receive will be eligible to join your army. It's also been confirmed that Nintendo will distribute bonus side-mission maps via SpotPass, which appears to be outwith the expected paid DLC.

Local co-op, StreetPass exchanges and extra maps through SpotPass: what do you think of these features?

[source andriasang.com]