Yet another new design

Japanese release details for Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D have emerged, with Andriasang reporting that two retail options will be available from 31st May. As well as a standard game release there is also a 3DS console bundle on the way, adding yet another design for the handheld in its homeland. Clearly based on the 'Ice White' 3DS, we here at Nintendo Life are unsure whether this new-look console is snazzy and attractive or, alternatively, a bit ugly.

Limited edition console aside, this remake of the Game Boy Color original, Dragon Quest Monsters — also known as Dragon Warrior Monsters — brings a new look to the Monsters spin-off series. This is currently only confirmed for Japan, so fans of the series elsewhere can only wait and hope.

Do you want this title to be released worldwide, and would you be interested in the exclusive 3DS design?