After Bit Boy!! on WiiWare, download developer Bplus is bringing the series to 3DS with Bit Boy!! ARCADE on the way to the eShop in 2012.

This portable version has several additions over its WiiWare brother, with new stages, weapons and blocks, plus the ability to buy continues with Play Coins.

Bit Boy!! ARCADE is 50% complete according to Bplus, so we should see it later this year.

Game Designer versus Game Hero | Bernd VS Kubi

Not just a BIT of emotions...

Witness what happens when the time travelling pixel hero Kubi finds out that he is only a part of a game.

Behold his emotions and get excited about the impact this will have on the game.
How will the battle between the game designer and his hero turn out?

> Rescue Kubi's friends in every phase
> Reach the score limit to master a level in story mode
> New types of nasty, intelligent monsters
> Shoot enemies up in the air with a pixel twist attack
> Fight against huge and really hard Bosses
> Use Play Coins to continue; which you will need to do a lot!
> Levels progress in phases
> Use bomb and rocket blocks to blast monsters and enviroment
> Move Blocks in a blink of an eye with new pixel kinetic forces
> 3D-Graphics with impressive depth
> Use spring blocks to jump back and forth between 3D platforms
> Digital control in realtime with absolutely no movement lag
> Hunt for highscores to get medals in every level
> The different control schemes include touch screen input

The Nintendo 3DS™ action maze game Bit Boy!! ARCADE is in develompment for the Nintendo eShop and is around 50% complete.

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