Time to practise the title screen voice

Resident Evil: Revelations isn't far away, all set to bring terror into the third dimension. For those eagerly anticipating this new entry in the survival-horror series there was good news from Christian Svensson, senior vice president of Capcom. Responding to enquiries from fans about a demo arriving in the eShop, Svensson confirmed the following:

A RE: Revelations demo for NA and Europe is coming.

In the case of NA, we're awaiting our date confirmation and code approval from NOA (we have a tentative from them, but I'll have to keep you in suspense).

The full release is only weeks away, so it seems likely that this taster isn't far away. Demos have actually been available in the Japanese eShop since early December, but this will hopefully get the ball rolling for these downloads to start arriving regularly in Europe and North America.

[source capcom-unity.com]