A stylish and anticipated JRPG

Last year a fan-based group, Operation Rainfall, launched an online campaign to petition Nintendo of America to localise three major Japanese Wii releases: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower. The news that Xenoblade Chronicles will be released in North America is perhaps due to sales success in Europe, though it's nevertheless a positive result for the online campaign. Two titles are still unconfirmed for the region, however, and the organisers plan to maintain awareness.

The group has released a brief press statement outlining plans for a campaign centred around The Last Story, to coincide with the titles' release in Japan and then Europe. As always social network sites will be the focus of Operation Rainfall's efforts, as it hopes to encourage widespread support. The statement is below, will you be joining in?

Between the dates of January 27th (the 1 year anniversary of The Last Story releasing in Japan) and February 24th (the European release date for The Last Story) we will be focusing our campaign on The Last Story, as well as the people behind the game Hironobu Sakaguchi, (the creator of Final Fantasy) and Nobuo Uematsu (famed Japanese composer, best known as well for his work on Final Fantasy).

On January 27 we will be contacting Nintendo in mass, and then after during the month, we will be doing everything we can to raise public awareness of the title and its connection to Sakaguchi and the Final Fantasy franchise. We find it absurd that the title is so little known considering its pedigree, and we hope to correct that this month.

[source oprainfall.blogspot.com]