Yes please

We all know The Legend of Zelda will come to Wii U, but whether it'll look as good as the Zelda HD Experience from E3 is another matter. Nintendo knows it has to deliver on the graphical front though, as president Satoru Iwata told investors.

Explaining that not all Wii U games will take the ultra-realistic, high cost graphical approach, Iwata did move to assure fans that Zelda will look nice and expensive:

Having said that, however, as I mentioned, it is true that, in some software areas, we need to be engaged in the power games. Take The Legend of Zelda franchise, for example, the fans must be looking for the graphic representations that they do not see as cheap at all when the title is released for the Wii U. When it is necessary, we do not hesitate to role [sic] out our resources.

Hearing Iwata say Nintendo will compete in "the power games" with Zelda makes the wait for the first Zelda Wii U screenshots even harder.