This ran on 3DS

Resident Evil Revelations's road to retail ends in Europe this week, and Nintendo president Satoru Iwata sat down with Capcom staff to discuss how the title came about.

Before Revelations, of course, there was Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, but even before that Capcom had a very different game running on the machine, as director Koshi Nakanishi explains:

What kicked off Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D was we needed to actually run a game on a Nintendo 3DS system, so we took Resident Evil 5 and ran it on a Nintendo 3DS, and the impact it made was more than we had imagined.

It was this vision that spurred the team on to create Mercenaries and later Revelations, with producer Masachika Kawata so proud of the 3DS-exclusive adventure he believes it belongs in the main series canon:

Maybe I shouldn't say this, but looking at the finished game makes me think why we didn't slap a number on the title! It's a true-as-can-be Resident Evil game from head to toe, so please enjoy it.

Our Resident Evil Revelations review will be live this Thursday.